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Dear Billy
I feel I have not seen you or even talked to you in a long time, so here goes. How are you? Hope you’ve settled into your new school. Your dad was telling me how it’s way different there compare to our homes, speaking of your dad, Jackie, he misses you so much and so does Tony believe it or not! He has being very good and is staying out of trouble so that’s really good. They also have been working very hard mining of course. A lot has changed here in Durham since you have been here. I miss you a lot Billy and I hope I’m still your best friend because you are still mine.
I’m sure you have made a lot of friends and the teachers love you and your personality in dance too. I hope you haven’t been to home sick. I would have been, being away from my family for that long! Something that has happened in my life to me since you’ve been gone is I have found a lovely man who keep me in line and makes me feel not alone. He makes me feel so happy just like you did, Billy.
I can’t wait to come to your show swan lake I’m sure it’s going to be incredible and you will be amazing. I hope you will be able to recognise me because I do look a lot different to how I used to. I’ve also decided to bring my partner along with me, hopefully you will be able to meet him, and I’m sure you will like him as much as I do. Sometimes when I’m free I go around to your house and catch up with Tony and Jackie and they were telling me that you’re the main dancer of the show