Billy Elliot Identity

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Adolescence and an outsider are portrayed in both Black Swan Green and Billy Elliot. However, in comparing Black Swan Green and Billy Elliot one is more successful. Billy Elliot is a film that follows the life of an 11-year-old boy, who is the son of a coal miner in Northern England. His life is forever changed when he notices a ballet class during boxing. This curiosity developed into a participation in classes, a love for the dance and a natural talent.

Billy Elliot reflects adolescence, firstly in the opening scene, where Billy is found jumping on a bed. This highlighted how at the beginning of adolescence, individuals still possess traits of a child, these include immaturity and carelessness. The next scene is then him making breakfast
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Firstly, identified when Billy is introduced to the audience because he is skinny, this is in contrast to the stereotypical cool boy, or the boys he does boxing with, his brother and even his father. Immediately creating a perception for the audience to categorise him as an outsider within his own family and children his age.

Billy Elliot also reflects an outsider through the choice of perspectives. The whole film is shot from a micro perspective which is essentially the immediate world of an individual. So this includes their family, close friends and school or in the case of the film his ballet class. The majority of the scenes with Billy in it are filmed with this perspective, however, the scenes without Billy are filmed from a macro perspective. Reflecting how he isn’t connected to the wider society, which includes things like societal values, the people that live in his town, children his age and essentially society as a
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This is because the film Billy Elliot as mentioned above has many examples within the film of an outsider. Whereas, in Black Swan Green even though Jason is an outsider, he is never truly alone. For example, when Jason becomes a leper he notices that “people kept glancing at me. A pair of first years weren’t trying too hard not to laugh. Everyone’s heard it’s Get Taylor Day. Even dinner ladies witched at me” (p259). The only time where he truly would be an outsider is when he is leaving to a “new school in a new town and be the New Kid Whose Parents By the Way Are Getting Divorced” (p370). However, because his experiences of being in a new environment aren't included it can be concluded that the text doesn’t successfully represent an outsider. Even when Jason is slightly excluded from the cool group, he isn’t picked on and is still given the benefit of having his last name used to identify him. This is in contrast to Billy Elliot as he is always portrayed to be an outsider. Hence the reason why often he is filmed