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United States Foreign Policy
Billy Williams
20th Century American History
David Goldberg

Expansionism viewed to be no different than any other kingdom, nation, empire, country; clan, family, or tribe during history as well as before writing creation was developed as a means to our history today. The expanding of our population grew ever so quickly and the limits to human processes from the problematic practical wilderness conversion. Grossly overpopulating huge hordes forth bringing, came from different cultures such as European, Irish, German; mainly German and Irish hordes. Between the 19th and 20th century, this cultures swarm the nation all over. Eastern and Southern Europeans towards the end of the 19th century, had adjacent themselves and others out from the lands; from which they habited and bombarded in with more Irish. This flooding was a grouping of the Europeans and Irish however, Irish led with their repetitive being; depleting resources, undercutting wages, and in total devastating economies. With these events taking place, we had to pull a page from their book; leaning towards the elder Asian and Europeans and invade other lands as a means for more resources and expanding population. Majority of Native American were swept away by the forth coming flooding of Europeans; capturing what land they could with the technology level they possess. In our favor, we already had territory lands of Canadians and Mexicans which were annexed. In my theory, if we took more from those nations; massive resistance would be a prime objective. With the improvement of transport steamships and Military now, it is much easy to invade/conquer. Another scenario would be, “Manifest Destiny” or John L. O’Sullivan forte. Annexation represents the two in question and made a valuable to say the least. O’Sullivan, mandated Annexation and not only by the name but content for which it stood. The means of domestic policy became foreign policy. Basically, Americans have the right to create a takeover on any land they wanted to acquire. This is one sense the New Expansionism was instated, but Wall Street gave recollect within the New Expansionism. The Watershed decade was the 1890s era and for Republicans after the 1896 election. In fact, the next 30 years gave them control over the White House were as Wall Street; an open gate to business venture as they’re heart’s desire. To recollection, this chain event is still the case as of today. Due to McKinley’s office inhabitants in 1896, the White House and Wall Street joined/united from the hip up so to speak. What setup this monstrous collaboration was, bank’s gutter sinking the economy; due to financial disasters. In the 96 election, President Cleveland was subjected to a loan advancement; as to gold being forsaken and the Americans would not justify their liking towards this grouping. In