Billy’s Building Supplies Inc Essay

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Billy’s Building Supplies Inc.

Billy’s Building Supplies Inc is a local building supplies store established by Billy Green in 2005. Prior to 2005, Billy was working as a building contractor for a large building and construction company in Brisbane. After an unfortunate incident at the building site, Billy and Ted, a co-worker of Billy, were injured. Billy suffered severe injuries and received workers compensation to the value of five million dollars. Ted only suffered minor injuries and no compensation was awarded to him - he was declared fit to continue with the duties of his job as contractor. Billy’s injuries made it impossible for him to continue his job as building contractor and he invested his compensation funds in establishing
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Billy was astounded by Ted’s attitude because he appointed Ted to help him out of his financial dilemma and never considered that he was obliged to share ownership with Ted! When Billy said to Ted that he had no intentions of even considering part-ownership with Ted, Ted abruptly got up. He left with the words ‘you may regret this, Billy…’.

During the following weeks, things started changing at Billy’s Building Supplies. First, Ted did not show up for work one morning and when Billy called his mobile telephone, Ted said that he was taking a sick day. Billy had to cancel one of the other sales assistants’ day off because they were short of staff for the day. The next day Ted arrived late for work and instead of serving the customers, he went to the office and accessed the list of building materials suppliers on the computer system. When Billy came into the office and asked what Ted was looking for, he brushed him off by saying that he was just checking something.

Then there was the incident where Ted interrupted a discussion that Charles, one of the other sales assistants, had with a customer about the use of a specific type of concrete. Ted overheard the instructions that Charles provided the customer about how to use the product and interfered by saying ‘No, no, no… that will never solve your problem. What you need to do is…’ and he took the customer