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Business Research
When a person does business research, he or she must learn everything about the business and take the information to make business decisions. When researchers are conducting business research a person has to take the business research steps, and decide what method he or she will use to conclude the research. The business research methods are exploratory, descriptive, and causal. Team b will explain the business research design, and why it best fits their business research. Business Research Design
Team b question is to discover if an online degree is as useful as a traditional degree. The business research design that best fits is the exploratory design. The exploratory design will use a survey to discover if employers consider persons with traditional degrees rather than an online degree. Team b will not to use the descriptive business research design because it is statistical. The causal design seems appropriate but focus on how actions will affect a business, where one variable will affect the other.
Preparing to conduct business research The data instruments used in the research for team b of an online college degree versus a traditional college degree is a combination of surveys and interviews. Various students who take classes online and on campus will be asked their opinions on the quality of education that they feel are receiving. Some college graduates will also have an interview on how easy or difficult it is to obtain employment if employed and the time frame. Chosen businesses will have interviews and surveys. The employers will have surveys on the performance of the online college graduate employee and the ground campus college graduate employee. The coworkers of both types of graduates will interview on how they work with one another. The surveys and interviews will not consist of more than 15 questions.
Team B will develop a new instrument because there are no existing instruments for this particular qualitative