Binary Opposition of Life of Pi Essay

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The Binary Opposition Narrative in Life of Pi

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Abstract: Ever since its publication in 2002, Life of Pi has gained great popularity and high critical acclaim from critical circle. It arose the study of Li of Pi from various angels. But most kinds of analysis about the novel are focus on existing doubts about the story, and the religious symbols in the novels. The binary opposition narrative in the novel discussed rarely. The novel is full of the binary oppositions narrative, these made the story distinctive. By expounding the existence of the binary oppositions in the novel, to reveal the meaning of the novel conveys.
Key words: Binary opposition; Pi; Tiger; Evil; Ego

Yann Martel
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He made use up the nature of tiger to liberate himself. He killed the cook and cut him to eat is the instinct of human being when got in perilous situation, but the real and clear-mind Pi cannot do such cruel thing. He still cannot face the reality that he had been eaten people; the fantasy tiger is the scapegoat of evil.
There is another crucial clue in story can prove the fantasy of the first story. When Pi was blind and ready to his last breath, he felt another people’s voice, because he was out of consciousness, he considered that the voice is from Richard Parker, hence, he began to talk with the voice. They talked a lot about delicious food, and then Pi realized that the voice is from another blind victim who was floating in other lifeboat alone. The uncommon met for Pi is a good way to left away lonely. He decided to let him board his boat, but this blind victim wanted to kill Pi to eat. Richard Parker saved him; the tiger killed the blind man. It is so hard to meet a man in the Pacific Ocean. Moreover, the same blind name whom on the lifeboat without food. Their communication was special, ‘ “I’m curious, tell me—have you ever killed a man?” “Two.” “…A man and a woman” “…why did you kill them?” “Need.”[C-90] When Richard Parker killed the blind man, Pi felt very depressed ‘Something in me died then that has never come back again.’[C-90]
The content implied that the blind man in other lifeboat is another side of Pi. In other words, the blind man in other lifeboat