Binge Drinking Essay

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Binge drinking is defined as having 4-5 or more drinks in short period of time. An average drink contains about half an ounce of pure ethyl alcohol; approximately same amount in 12oz beer, a 5oz glass of wine or a 1.25oz shot of hard liquor. People who drink a lot end up suffering from alcoholism and have problem controlling their drinking.
Major concerns these days are the increase in binge drinking by college individuals. Reports show that college students consume up to 10 drinks per binge and about 7% college freshmen consume 15 or more drinks per binge that can lead to coma or death. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CCD) collected data in 2010 and they discovered that the age group of 18 to 24 yr. old and 25 to 34 yr. old consumed 9.3 and 8.4 drinks per binge.
Studies also show that as people age the proportion of people who engage in binge drinking decreases. The lowest is found among those 65 years and older at 5.7 drinks per binge. Although the prevalence of binge drinking decreases with age, the frequency does not. It was recorded at the highest of 5.5 drinks per binge.
Hence, binge drinking is pretty common. It is harmful for the body and also comes with a cost. The CDC reported 80,00 deaths attributed to alcohol use each year. Excessive alcohol use costs society over $200 billion annually.
Binge drinking has many consequences, which can lead into vehicle accidents, violence, suicide, alcohol poisoning, unplanned pregnancies, birth defects related to maternal alcohol use, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and sexually transmitted diseases.
Binge drinking also results in memory “blackout”. It refers to