Binge Drinking Interactionism

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Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is one of the third most preventable causing deaths in the United States (McGinnis & Foege, 1993). At the micro level most teens do it to seek acceptance from within their group of peers and we also undergo peer pressure and think they need to drink to be able to be accepted and then at the mid-range level once a person reaches adolescence it seems to become the cool thing to do and is easier to follow then to not. Then once at the macro level males tend to drink more than women.Such things as symbolic interactionism, conflict, and functionalist perspective are all associated with binge drinking at the micro meso and macro level of analysis.
At the micro level of binge drinking it seems that most younger people
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Well through the symbolic interactionist theory most college students drink to seek social recognition from others. With this gesture most college students think it is the best way to meet new people. Also with college students most college men will consume more alcohol than women this is believed to be because for men it symbolizes the embodiment of hegemonic masculinity(L. Peralta 741-756).So for example the more you were able to drink the more manly you were ought to be. This shows how the conflict theory is involved with college students and binge drinking in that environment, Through the over consumption of alcohol could lead to bad influences or behaviors in a society as a whole(Cooper, Agocha & Sheldon). This is important because it’s an example of how the struggle for masculinity can be measured by how much alcohol you can drink, this will lead to binge drinking in most societies. Finally the functionalist theory is related to the meso level of analysis because neuroticism and extraversion can lead to risky behavior or bad decisions in an environment based on how the environment functions as a whole(L. Peralta 741-756). This goes to show how the function of the environment with alcohol can …show more content…
This will have a huge effect on the percentage of binge drinking in some cultures. In great britain a study was done on people who drink and that study showed that most people in great britain drink primarily on the weekends(Park and Banyai), this is mainly because they have to work in the morning and try to avoid the hangover, it also showed socializing and counter-balancing the demands of daily hassles and routines(Walker and Wersch).This shows that the use of alcohol in great Britain is used to help people socialize with others, this is important because it is an example of symbolic interactionism in great Britain and how people use the source of alcohol in the society that could later lead to alcoholism or binge drinking because people want to meet different people but still maintain their everyday lives. At the conflict theory perspective indicates that people in puerto rico drink because of the social stats they are assigned to at birth this will lead to early drinking in people in a lower social class this is thought to be because of the thinking that they are always going to be in that same social status(Cooper, Agocha & Sheldon). This will later lead to overconsumption of alcohol in younger ages and lead to deviant behavior in young adolescents. By having teens being able to drink and