Bingeing: Drinking Culture Essay

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Pregaming/bingeing is a very big and major problem in the college community and needs to be hurriedly addressed. We all know binge drinking as a self-destructive and unrestrained amount of drinking lasting for at least a couple of days. The issues with this amount of drinking have led to 3 factors and questions. Those factors being: the drinking age, disciplinary actions, and routine hospitalizations. With the factors, all can tell the serious issues with pregaming. The first issue I would like to address is the drinking age. The drinking age in most states is 21. Most freshmen in college are caught in the cycle of the drinking. Freshmen are mostly only 19 or 18 years of age. Regardless of this, a large percentage of college freshman indulge in the excessive drinking. This is a problem that must be addressed immediately. The second issue I would like to address is the disciplinary actions of those that are in the practice of the binge drinking. All of the laws clearly state what the drinking age is set to be. It becomes apparently obvious that the law enforcement is not doing a lot to truly to fully approach and address this issue. The young college students don’t face much punishment when it comes to binge drinking. If a punishment would be released and issued upon all of the teens that are involved in the dangerous acts, then this could be the start to actually fixing the problem exactly where it needs to be fixed at. The third issue I would now like to address is on the pattern of routine hospitalizations. It is because of the excessive drinking of these teens that the routine hospitalizations of these college students are high. If the issue is not address properly then all those who must go to the hospital will continue to go to the hospital again and again. The disciplinary acts must be done to help prevent this issue on the hospitalizations and to all abolish it once and for all. The author of the article “Binge Drinking” had said “when students are