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Southside Virginia Community College
BIO 01 – K6 ( online)
Fundamentals of Biology
Course Outline

Instructor: Katherine Clatterbuck Email:
Credit hours: 3 Office hours: By appt.
Phone: 434-736-2060/540-664-6100

Class meeting time: None specified, although you are strongly encouraged to check Blackboard at least 2 times per week in order to keep up with class assignments, discussions, and tests.

Course Description
This course provides an introduction to basic and fundamental biological concepts for students. The course objective is to give students an understanding of and explore general biological principles beginning with chemistry, cell biology, genetics, ecology, evolution, anatomy and physiology and finally the diversity and classification of living organisms.

Text: Starr’s 8th edition: Biology: Concepts and Applications. Publisher: Thomson, Brooks/Cole. ISBN: 1439046735.

Course Outcomes: It is anticipated that the student will be able to do the following:
Understand basic chemistry concepts and how molecules are formed;
List basic cell types and briefly summarize activities of their organelles;
Describe the role of homeostasis and how energy is acquired and used by living organisms;
Review and define basic heredity principles including chromosomal structure and basic genetics;
Understand the basic principles, evidence, and processes of evolution;
Categorize bacteria, viruses, protests, fungi, algae and plants by listing characteristics of the different kingdoms, phyla/divisions and some classes;
Compare and contrast various taxa of invertebrates and vertebrates;
Distinguish between invertebrates and vertebrates and factors that contribute to biodiversity;
Identify structures and functions of organs/tissues associated with all human body systems;
Compare and contrast aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems and the social and community interactions of living organisms (plant and animal) in each throughout the biosphere;
Discuss ecological principles and human impact on the environment.

Instructional activities: Students will follow and answer the objective guidelines using their textbooks. Students will actively participate in the discussion board on Blackboard to post questions concerning concepts not understood, and students will answer weekly debate and discussion questions related to current biological issues.

The general timeline and pacing guide will be posted within the Announcements section of Blackboard on the first day of class. Weekly discussion questions and responses need to be posted according to the timeframe listed in the respective Discussion Board forums, and graded tests may be completed any time prior to the final due date of August 4th. Please refer to Blackboard for all key dates.

For each assignment, you need to do the following within Blackboard:
FIRST: Click on the assignment button and open and print the objective questions for that assignment. Several chapters are covered in each assignment. (Test questions will come from the objective questions so study them thoroughly for understanding of the concepts!)
SECOND: Answer the objectives completely and thoroughly by referencing your textbook, using outside resources such as the internet and using the discussion board when needed for help by the instructor and other classmates. You do NOT need to send these answers to me; they are for your success. Study the answers then….
THIRD: OPEN AND TAKE THE TEST FOR THAT ASSIGNMENT! Attention: you may take each test only once. It is timed (one hour) so please be very familiar with the objective answers BEFORE you begin! Each test will “open” only once! If you go over the hour (or if you try to go back to a previous question) the computer will LOCK you out of that assignment. DO NOT HIT ‘SAVE’ OR ‘SUBMIT’ OR THE ‘BACK KEY’ UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED ALL THE TEST QUESTIONS. I will be able to see how