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On A
On A


Noel Mackey
Business Plan
May 25th, 2012

Table Of Contents: 1) Mission Statement pg. 3 2) History of Business pg. 3 3) Objectives pg. 3 4) Value Proposition pg. 3-4 5) Financial Plan pg. 4 6) Marketing Plan pg. 5 7) Industry Analysis pg. 6 8) Sales Strategy pg. 6 9) Goals for Year 1, 2, & 5 pg. 6-7 10) Milestones pg. 7 11) Operations Plan pg. 7 12) Executive Summary pg. 8 13) References pg. 8

Mission Statement
Maids on a Mission strive to give the best service possible. We will use all eco-friendly products and give 50% of all profit back to the community. We want to be a superior example to other businesses as well as individuals. We want our employees to feel that they can trust that they will come home to a clean, safe house. Peace of mind is of the upmost importance.

Company History
Founded in 2013, Maids on a Mission is a unique house cleaning service whose goal is to give back to the community. 50% of all profit will be given to a specific charity each month. The charities will be chosen by the employees and the organization with the highest amount of votes will receive the extra money for that month. I plan on hiring young, energetic, motivated people to be on my team of maids. The reason is to show them how important giving back to the community is and hopefully as they get older and start their own careers, they will use these lesson in their lives. Knowing that their work is not only giving instant satisfaction, but really impacting the community long-term will push them to work their hardest.

Maids on a Mission in the first five years plan: * To make a good honest name by giving back to charity and documenting every bit of money made * To not have to use advertisements because we want our business to be mostly referenced from past clients and so we can use the extra money to give to charity * To pay back all of it's debt * To use eco-friendly products safe for all humans and animals Value Proposition
We have a few advantages over the competition. Maids on a Mission will have a rigorous training program for new employees. We will focus on efficiency, something that many cleaning businesses lack. We will also train employees to work effectively on teams. Teams build each other up, make the work less tedious, and save us gas to get to our location. There are some households that prefer individual cleaners instead of a team. In that case, we can give the customer what they want, but for the most part teams tend to be much more efficient.
We provide our employees the tools necessary to impress our affluent clients by teaching them professionalism. We strive to have a trustworthy relationship between our cleaners and the clients. The bond of trust will not only earn MOM (Maids on a Mission) the loyalty of that customer but also the referral of several more potential customers. Other companies use environmentally sound chemicals so this is not a huge differentiation in the market, but it is something that we are proud of, and must be mentioned. Professionalism will also be shown through the use of uniforms as well as magnetic signs put on our vehicles. Our most important competitive edge is that we will give back to the community. Knowing that you will not only help yourself, but a whole community is a great feeling.

Financial Plan: | Start-up Expenses | | Legal | $300 | Brochures | $200 | Insurance | $500 | Uniforms | $200 | Cleaning Equipment | $2,000 | Office Furniture | $250 | Communication Equipment | $200 | Computer Equipment | $1,500 | Magnetic Car Signs | $200 | Cleaning Supplies | $300 |

| Start-up Expenses to Fund | $5,650 | Start-up Assets to Fund | $10,000 |
What’s left over in $4,350 case of emergengy

Financial & Business Goals | | Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 5 | Sales | | | | Wealthy