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A. Open the “stats data sect1” worksheet.
B. You will now use the Filter function. Click on Data at the top of the screen and choose Filter. In Excel 2003, then choose Autofilter. You will now see an arrow for a drop-down menu next to each of the cells in the first row.
C. Click on the arrow to the right of Sample to access the drop-down menu for that cell. Choose 1. If you have Excel 2007, make sure that 1 is checked but 2 is unchecked. Now, only the data for 1 should be visible. Use the sort function and sort by lobule width from largest to smallest.

1. Write down the first five data points for “lobule width” below. Highlight the median value (use the highlighter from the “Font” tool area). (2 points)

_______ ________ ________ ________ ________

2. What is the mode of those 5 values? Explain how you came to the answer. (4 points)

3. In your opinion, which do you believe is the best measure of central tendency for your values: mean, median, or mode? Explain your answer based on how the statistic is calculated. (2 points)

4. You will now calculate measures of variability, beginning with range. Write the range for these 5 data values. _______ to________ (1 point)

5. Use the sum of squares formula (below) to calculate variance (s2) for the 5 data values. You will need to show your work on the quiz, so you should fill in the numbers for the equation on a separate sheet for practice before you punch the numbers into your calculator. (2 points) __ s2 = ∑…