Name The Energy Required For Photosynthesis

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Name the plant pigment that is green-colored and present in leaves. Chlorophyll
Name the energy required for photosynthesis. Sunlight/ visible light
Name the process that plants, but not animals, use to make their own food. Photosynthesis
Name the process that captures sunlight and converts it to chemical energy. Light reaction in photosynthesis
Name the products of the light reaction pathway. ATP and NADPH
Name the molecule in the air that plants require to make their own food. Carbon dioxide (CO2)
Name the organelle and structure within the organelle where the photosynthesis light reaction occurs. Chloroplast organelle, thylakoid structure within organelle.
Name the waste gas returned to the air that is produced by the photosynthesis light reaction. Oxygen (O2)
Name the chemical process that requires the chemical energy produced by the thylakoid light reaction. Calvin cycle
Name the product of the enzymatic reactions of the Calvin cycle that is energy-rich and will be used to feed the plant cells. Glucose
Name the vessels in the plant circulatory system that carries food made in leaves through the stems to the roots. Phloem
Name the vessels in the circulatory system that transports water from the roots to the cells in the leaves. Xylem
Name the leaf structure that is on the bottom of the leaf, which opens to allow air and CO2 to enter into inner cells in leaf, or closes to prevent loss of water in these cells. Stoma (singular), stomata (plural)
What contains a tiny embryonic plant with root, stem and one or two leaves depending on its type? A seed
Name the structure in a seed which contains the food molecules: sugar, starch, proteins, amino acids, oils and other nutrients, to feed the embryonic plant. Endosperm
Name the disorder which is due to a genetic mutation that results in short-limbed dwarfism ;Achondroplasia
Name a type of therapy that inserts a normally functioning gene into specific cells in a person to cure a genetic disorder caused by a mutated gene. Somatic gene therapy
Name a type of therapy that