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1) Islam
Islam (Faith)
Arabic word meaning to surrender
Muslim (Believer)
Arabic word meaning one who submits to the will 
of God
Arabic word for God
One transcendent unlike anything in ordinary 
human experience
Misconception Allah as fierce or harsh
Rather Muslims focus on Allah’s mercy and 
2) Pope / Patriarch
Patriarch – A Christian bishop of the early Church in certain major cities of the Roman Empire. This title is still in use in Eastern Churches today
3) Franks

4) Christendom
Western Europe United
A Holy Roman Empire
Adopted feudalism
5) Feudalism
King ruled over all the landlords of his kingdom
Lord rented land to vassals through allegiances that were usually for military purposes
Serfs farmed the land and gave a portion to the Lord of the land
6) Lay Investiture
Practice of kings or lords naming Church leaders
7) Simony
Payment for the appointment to a church office
8) Celibacy
Practice of those who chose to remain unmarried in dedicating themselves entirely to God
9) Cluny Reform

10) Truce of God

11) Conclave
Meeting of cardinals to elect a pope
12) East-West Schism

13) Excommunication
A severe ecclesiastical penalty that excludes the offender from taking part in the Eucharist or other sacrament
14) Scholasticism
A method of intellectual inquiry dominant in western Christian civilization from the Middle Ages until the 17th century, and into the 20th century among Catholic scholars
15) Crusades
Series of religious wars over Jerusalem
16) Mendicants
During the early 13th century two religious 
groups were formed which would greatly impact the 
Dominicans (Order of Preachers)
Franciscans (Order of Friars Minor)
Both groups are known as mendicant orders
Religious communities whose members live among 
people and rely on the charity of others
Those who basically survive on the generosity of 
17) Inquisition
When heretics were excommunicated from the Church
18) Black Death
Bubonic plague
Killed 1/3 of Europe
19) Papal Bull
A formal decree
20) Avignon Papacy
The cardinals reached a compromise that they hoped would appease both the English and the French.
21) Great Western Schism
Chaotic period in Church history lasting from 
1378 to 1417 A.D
Popes in 1414 A.D.
Gregory XII in Rome
Benedict XIII in Avignon
John XXIII in Pisa
John XXIII forced to call a council in Constance 
Martin V elected as the true successor of St. 
Peter held office from 1417 to 1431 A.D.
22) Mysticism
Knowledge of God through experience; an intense experience of communion with God
23) 95 Theses
Martin Luther’s statement of principles regarding penance and the abuse of indulgences.
24) Reformation
A series of political and religious events beginning in the sixteenth century that resulted in the division of western Christianity into catholic and protestant communities.
25) Counter Reformation / Council of Trent
Post reformation meeting of the worlds catholic bishops to reform the church and clarify catholic teaching.
26) Indulgences
The remission of temporal punishment resulting from sin for oneself and also for the souls in purgatory.
27) Peace of Augsburg/cuius region, eius religio
Allowed each prince to decide the religion of his subjects.
28) Sola Scriptura

29) Deposit of Faith

30) Justification by faith
Gods gracious act of rendering a sinful human to be holy and endowed with grace or as acceptable to God.
31) Predestination
Belief that god has selected some people for hell and others for heaven regardless of any personal actions or merit.

People & Groups:
1) Charlemagne
Charlemagne French for Charles the Great
In 771 A.D. as King of the Franks he attempted 
to enlarge his kingdom by unifying Christian 
By 800 A.D. he basically was in control of 
Western Europe except Spain (Muslim)
Thus his coronation really didnt give him any 
Emperor in Constantinople was furious about the