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Eric Fernandez Evidence for DNA Charge Transport in the Nucleus There are many wonders about humans and the world we live in that scientist today are still trying to decipher. It can be argued that scientist will continue to search for answers until the end of time. While some things may remain a mystery forever, one thing is certain: the transfer of genetic material between the chloroplast and nucleus is related to stress in plants. According to the abstract, this study “focuses on the active processes by which the nuclear genome might be acquiring or removing DNA sequences from the chloroplast genome.” Moreover, the study discusses the possible effects that can result from a stress related environment during such a transfer between the nucleus and chloroplast. Mainly, this study is being done to enhance our knowledge of DNA sequences from the Chloroplast genome. Also, the effects that arise when different transfers are done. When it comes to all of this information, one can easily see the connections to the topics we have discussed during our lectures. This study easily relates to topics we have discussed in class. In previous chapters, we have deeply studied DNA and all aspects of it. Also, in our lectures we have discussed chloroplast in depth. During lectures, different types of transfers, whether it be from the nucleus or another organism, were heavily discussed throughout the past six weeks.

All of this information is quintessential mainly because it is incredibly important to understand the world that we all live in. Also, through heavy research, scientist will continue to learn more about these different areas…