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Philip Harper
March 7, 2014 Detecting biomolecules

Biomolecules are important because they make up/control almost every part of organisms. It is important that our food contains them because they contain proteins, and proteins are a necessity for you to live. I used starch and glucose as assays. If the Benedict’s tests is positive the blue liquid will turn orange, and in a positive iodine test the liquid would turn blue black.

It is important that we conduct these test to find macromolecules. Also it could warn us if there was to much of a biomolecule.So the purpose is to demonstrate which colors the liquids turn, and to test for different biomolecules.

Materials: 1. Beakers 2. food holders 3. test tubes 4. Water 5. droppers 6. Benedict’s solution 7. iodine solution 8. water heater 9. different foods
10. test tube holder

To conduct the Benedict’s and iodine test i made sure i held the dropper at an even level this made sure i didn’t contaminate the test with foreign substances. I also used test tube holder which made the handling of my tubes easier. Last but not least u use the method of patience because it is nesasary to see if the liquid changes color.

Dialysis component Iodine test 1. Food was placed into little slots.
2. 2 drops of iodine was applied to each food in every slot
3. we gave it some time for the reaction to take place
4. If positive the liquid would turn blue black.

Dialysis component Benedict’s test

1. Test tubes were places in test tube rack 2. food was