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Students enrolled in the course are expected to attend or view/listen to all lectures and classroom activities. Attendance may be monitored. It is required for students to be on time and to come to class prepared and ready to participate, having completed the reading and other assignments. No children are allowed in class and adult visitors may attend only with the permission of the instructor teaching class that day. Lectures may be audio taped with instructor permission.

Attendance at clinical experience on-site hospital orientation and the Assessment and Skills Simulation Laboratory sessions is MANDATORY. If a student misses either of these sessions, the student will not be able to participate in the clinical experience. All clinical compliance requirements (immunizations, BLS/CPR certification, TB testing, Health insurance, etc.) must be cleared and documentation completed before a student can attend any clinical session.

Students are expected to attend all clinical experience sessions at the clinical agency/ hospital and in the simulation laboratory on the scheduled day and at the scheduled time. In the case of illness, appropriate health precautions are to be taken. Students must protect pediatric clients and their families/caregivers from exposure to diseases. Students are expected to notify their clinical instructor (and clinical agency if applicable) if they are ill and unable to attend a given clinical experience session.

It is required that a student make up ALL and ANY missed clinical experience time. The make up requirements will be determined by the clinical instructor. Absence from clinical experience session(s) and failure to meet the make up requirements will result in a FAIL grade for the clinical experience and a course grade of F. Students are required to successfully complete 90 clinical experience hours (including simulation laboratory experiences, computer simulation modules and clinical preparation work/assignments).

A period of five class days prior to the first day of final examinations in the long sessions shall be designated as Final Review Week. The purpose of this week is to allow students sufficient time to prepare for final examinations. During this week, there shall be no scheduled activities such as required field trips or performances; and no instructor shall assign any themes, research problems or exercises of similar scope that have a completion date during or following this week unless specified in the class syllabi. During Final Review Week, an instructor shall not give any examinations constituting 10% or more of the final grade, except makeup tests and laboratory examinations. In addition, no instructor shall give any portion of the final examination during Final Review Week. Classes are held as scheduled during this week and lectures and presentations may be given.

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The University of Texas at Arlington School of Nursing supports the Student Code of Ethics Policy. Students are responsible for knowing and complying with the Code. The Code can be found in the Student Handbook.

It is the philosophy of The University of Texas at Arlington that academic dishonesty is a completely unacceptable mode of conduct and