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Vaccinations At what point should it be a requirement for parents to vaccinate their children for school purposes? Vaccinations have been a topic of discussion for the past 10-15 years. Some parents belief vaccinations are the best thing out there since slice bread for a couple reasons. First off because you introduce your kid to the disease in a small dose and allow the body to recognize it and fight it off. Second because it allows the kid to avoid being introduced to this disease in the real world and being effected in a major way. On the other hand some parents believe that these vaccinations is a ghastly ways to introduce a disease to the body. They believe we have immune systems that are meant to encounter these diseases and fight them off naturally. Human vaccinations have been around 3,000 + years and have had both negative and positive effects for people. Vaccinations are a simple form of presenting the body to a new disease that has appeared in society. Some vaccinations that have been initiated in todays world are H1N1, swine flu, bird flu, chicken pox and many more. Schools of todays era have started to require kids to be vaccinated before attending the school for a very good reason. These schools do not want this diseases to effect the school and have a tragic decline in number of students due to the illness. If these kids are vaccinated their chance of receiving the diseases drops tremendously. That’s not to say that the child will not get the