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Student Check-in: In 2-4 paragraphs, reflect on your effort, progress, set-backs etc. since the last data check in. Make sure to discuss both your Lifestyle and Fitness plan.

I figured out that I want to improve my physical health in Lab 1.3. I am trying to get a better body shape by working out because I think feel very happy about my body fat percentage. I went to the gym from Monday to Saturday every week. I lifted for different body part and I run 40 minutes for cardio. My friend Jimmy can prove that for me and he can indicate that my body fat percentage is much lower than before. I think I achieved that half of my goal now but it is not enough so I will have to keep hard working.

I don’t want to be a “fat boy”, I really don’t, that is why I keep hardworking on my body fat percentage and my body shape. My goal was try to bring my body fat percentage under 12% and I don’t really care about my weight because I am lifting for building muscles so my weight doesn’t effect anything. After my hardworking of working out and lots of cardio, my body fat percentage down from 20% to 16.3 %. If I keep going, I think I can achieve my goal even before summer break. Here is my plan for lifting.

Number of sets
Number of times/ Times
Plank(warm up)
1 minutes myself cable flys
as many as I can
chest press until I am tired as many as I can
dumbbells chest press until I am tired as many as I can
Triceps Extension(super set) until I am tired