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Biodiesel is an ideal fuel; due to what it is made from,availability,compatibility, reductions of emissions,and energy balance.Biodiesel is an efficient alternative to diesel. “Biodiesel is the fastest growing alternative fuel in America today.”(Tickell 104).

Biodiesel is a vegetable based cleaner - burning fuel.Biodiesel fuel can be produced from any type of vegetable oil.This source crop can be produced in all regions of the United States.
Biodiesel is a renewable fuel, a natural resource which can be replenished.Biodiesel can be grown year after year all around the United States . Manufacturing biodiesel is simple and does not depend on fossil oil supplies.
Biodiesel fuel is compatible with any diesel engine with no to minor modifications necessary. Diesel fuel is similar to gasoline .although diesel fuel is substantially heavier fuel.Diesel engines compress air then combines the compressed air with the diesel fuel.Diesel engines are a main part of agriculture and transportation,one in every gallon of fuel used in United States is diesel fuel. Biodiesel fuel reduces emissions such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide,carcinogenic aromatics , and ozone forming particles. Comparing diesel to biodiesel there is almost a total reduction of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions.The amount of carcinogenic aromatics and ozone forming emissions are also substantially reduced in biodiesel. Biodiesel engines tend to be leaner than diesel engines.Biodiesel can lead to nitrogen oxide emissions, nitrogen oxide emissions was thought to be a primary contributor of smog forming ozone until recently. Biodiesel fuel has a favorable energy balance ratio. The biodiesel energy ratio is approximately 1:3 or 300% which means for every one unit of energy put into making biodiesel fuel three units of energy are present in the final fuel.Biodiesel fuel is classified a…