Essay on Bioengineering Dogs with Long History Are Not New Monsters

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Bioengineering dogs with long history are not new monsters

As was written in the article by Stanley Coren, "the genetic manipulation of species is far from new" (191 1). "It began at least 14,000 years ago" and experienced several stages.
Initially, the creations of bioengineering canine had accidental beginnings. "The bioengineering canine was not created in a high-level bio-containment lab"(191 2). The persistent racket that irritates so many people is actually a human innovation (191 3). Then, “people began crossbreeding dogs, not just to cater to their changing needs, but to suit advancing technology”(191 4). Several kinds of dogs for hunters created became the bioengineered star one after another at their periods.
Today, bioengineering dogs are designed to be our companions who don't hunt. (193 10) The author believes that having existed for 14,000 years (191 1), the bioengineering on dogs is “far from new” (191 1). And the author listed some examples assigned by time, explaining the reasons and ways of humans’ keeping and breeding primitive dogs (191 2&3), and the processes that hunters created several kinds of dogs to match the development of technology (191 4). Besides, he also mentioned that dogs engineered for a wholly different piece of technology today, such as the dogs functioning as companions at homes (193 10). All the instances above were to prove that since humans had domesticated dogs and created so many new types of dogs with the wide use of genetic engineering, it is very normal that people continue using the engineering on dogs. And many people have lived with the created dogs which act as their hunting partners or assistants, or home companions etc. in harmony, so it is ridiculous to set off the fears like “’tampering with creation’ to fashion new strains of plants and animal may result in the devastation of the new world by upsetting the natural balance among species” (190 1). However, I do not agree on the author’s opinion for the following reasons. First of all, the long-term usage of genetic