Bioengineering: Observation And Application

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Bioengineering: Observation and Application When delving into one’s own mind, he/she begins to discover limitless thoughts that lead down endless directions. When creating a research paper, one typically begins to think about what interests him/her. There is no sense of learning or adventure in exploring the educational aspect of a known topic. So in a careful approach, I began to think about my interests and knowledge on such subjects. I discovered an interest in the engineering field because it is my chosen major at my university. I also thought about the different tracks of engineering as well as how they can be used in the real world. I put all of my interests together and began to intertwine them into one interesting subject, one that I didn’t completely know about. The summation of my interests produced the topic of bioengineering, along with observation and application within the field. With the observation of studying abroad (in Sweden) and bioengineering research I will be able discover opportunities for application in the real world/society. My research paper includes a specific focus of engineering. After researching bioengineering and its applications, I will be able to use my study abroad observations to produce different solutions towards pollution. When studying abroad, I will be able to step outside of my closed environment (Evansville, Indiana) and have the opportunity to broaden my views of the world. I will see the effects of pollution from a whole different perspective. I will have observations from somewhere on the other side of the world. Then, I can compare those observations with the pollution issues in Evansville, Indiana and make a generalization as to how pollution effects the world as a whole. I will then apply my knowledge (of bioengineering through research) to suggest possible solutions to the world wide pollution issue. This research will include environmental applications of bioengineering, pollution in Sweden (study abroad site), as well as general pollution statistics.
When looking over all of these topics, one begins to wonder. How could these topics interlace into one main idea? I linked them together to where they shared common ideas in order for me to build off of one and transition into another; producing one fluid research paper with all three topics. Within the study abroad topic, I thought that I could describe my experience/exposure to pollution in a different country. Thinking, would one want to study abroad in a heavily polluted area? I will mention that pollution is a worldwide issue. I will then begin to tie in my study abroad experience into pollution by describing the cycle of pollution. I will talk about human pollution and how it affects the environment and eventually affects us. For example, the BP oil spill. How did the environment change afterwards? What if we were to eat an animal that was exposed to the oil spill, or what if we were exposed to the water later on? For example, a kid who is swimming in the area and accidently gets a gulp of seawater. Surely the oil isn’t 100% out of the water, and not only the oil would affect the water, but also littering in the water, such as plastic waste. All of our pollution has a negative effect, and will come back to affect us later on. With pollution affecting us, I will then transition into Bioengineering. I will ask myself how I (a biomedical engineer) could stop the sickness (related to pollution) from happening. I will ask myself this question both when it comes to humans and the environment as well. Can I create something to protect humans or the environment from such harm? I will ask myself how we can stop pollution. I will present the simple response of “everyone recycle, and ride their bicycles, etc.” but the reality is that it is not that simple. I will incorporate research data when it comes to pollution, sickness resulting from pollution, and bioengineering studies on how to solve the problem.
Bioengineering is a