Biofuel: Petroleum and Biofuel Essay

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Should we use Biofuel?
In the society we live in, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our way of life. We have technology ranging from electronic smartphones to public transportation. This is the age of technology, everything we use involves technology, regardless of how old or simple it is. Not all pieces of technology involve an energy source, like a wrench; we only use our physical force to make use of it. However we are evolving and are starting to get lazy, making machines to do tasks for us. Our current fuel sources are coal, oil and gas. They are a very reliable source of energy but it’s not renewable, meaning it will eventually run out. So the question is “What happens if we run coal, oil and gas out? The answer is biofuel; biofuel is made from agriculture products such as corn. It is burnt to heat water. The water then produces steam pushing turbines. Using biofuel will benefit yourself financially, boosting our economy and will reduce carbon dioxide/monoxide emissions.
Replacing our current fuel sources with biofuel will drastically decrease the amounts of greenhouse gas being released into the atmosphere. Currently there are two major factors that are keeping Earth a survivable planet. First is the ozone layer, the ozone layer protects earth from the extreme UV rays. These rays practically destroy our skin cells, turning it into an infected cell. These infected cells can band together to make a tumour and soon turns into cancer. The second factor is greenhouse gas. Not many people actually know what greenhouse gas is. Greenhouse gas is the gas that collects heat from our source of light, also known as the sun. The gas traps the heat and gradually releases the heat throughout the whole day (and night) keeping Earth from freezing into an ice call. However if we have too many appliances that are releasing too much GHS, the gas will be trapping too much heat, therefore releasing even more heat. GHS is released from burning up our current fuel sources (oil, gas and coal) to turn turbines to generate electricity. The side effect is, it makes our planet hotter, and to counter that we use air cons. Air cons consume so much electricity it makes our electricity companies to work overtime thus producing more GHS. Therefore this never ending cycle continues. However the cycle can be broken by using biofuel. Using eco-friendly fuels sources will produce significantly reduced greenhouse gas, keeping the planet at a stable temperature.
Using biofuel will not only benefit the environment but will also benefit us economically but first we need to look at how biofuel is made. Biofuel is made by combining agricultural materials such as vegetables, animal fat etc. There are two current ways to harvest the energy from biofuel. The first way is to burn the mixture to heat water. When the water is heated it produces steam. The steam then turns turbines to generate electricity. The second way is to burn the biofuel made from vegetation and algae and collect the gas released from the biofuel to make methane (methane can be used as a fuel source for cars). Methane can be combined with diesel to create biodiesel. Our current exports are gold, iron, concentrates, coal and natural gas. All these exports are not renewable. Most Australian citizens don’t know how lucky they are to be living in Australia. Australia is so rich in metals and minerals, that Australia has become the main source of metal for other countries, especially China. According to the Australian Bureau of statistics, Australia is making an average of 2.8 billion dollars solely from selling these commodities. However as I stated before, all metals are not renewable. So when we run out, we’ve got nothing to sell and will eventually go bankrupt. If we can manage to mass produce biofuel we can sell it to other countries that are looking for alternate fuel sources. The best thing about biofuel is that it is renewable and can be made from a variety