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Attention Getter: Who would of thought filling out a survey online for casting show, would you have thought you would be on the highest rated MTV show in network in 30 years.

Credibility: I have never been on t.v show, but sometime I feel like my life is just like theirs.

Preview main point: Today, I am going to talk about how Samantha Giancola became known as Sammi Sweetheart, which then turned into launching her own fragrance dangerous and dangerous desire. Along with Sexy Sweetheart, a line of fitness clothing with bras, yoga pants, and jackets, She also started a line of iphone cases, which are handmade with crystals for every individual who orders ones. .

Thesis: Samantha Giancola became one of the most popular and most paid stars on MTV network, while making a signifaint impact on girls/ women for losing weight with out missing out on any fun.

Before Sammi was picked to be on MTV’S reality show Jersey Shore; she was born and raised in Hazlet, New Jersey. She was a simple college student, who attended William Patterson University. Sammi was majoring in sociology and played midfield division III soccer for the University. Sammi helped the soccer team win the Eastern College Athletic Conference Metro Tournament in 2009. Shortly after this Sammi filled out the survey just for looking for fun and was picked to on the reality show.

In August of 2009 she moved into the Seaside Height Shore to began filming, “The Real World, Jersey Shore. This about 8 Itlian- Americans spending a summer in Seaside Height. As one of the eight Italian Americans living under one roof, Sammi was equal parts in girl next door and Sassy Vixen. She often stood up to her alpha male housemates, exchanged heated words with several females, and on the heart of the hot-tempered, but sweet co-star Ronnie Margo. Their relationship was pretty rocky, with Ronnie’s anger management issues and her jealousy often causing too much drama. It did not help that both of them were constantly in the midst of alcohol, night clubs, and other attractive single people. From the tearful breaks up and blissful make-ups, this couple helped turn Jersey Shore from a tv guilty pleasure into a cultural phenomenon. Sammi was not afraid to be herself, even when the cameras followed her every move.

After the first season being aired, one of the largest Italian- American Organizations called for a boycott of this show, while other advertisers pulled their commercials out after the first episode being aired. MTV president Tony Disanto defended the show saying” the series is aimed to document a specific sub-culture rather than misrepresent the Itlian-Americans community. Millions of viewers also made it very clear that they could not get enough of the reality show. Then in February 2010, the cast went on The Today Show, NBC and confirmed the show was renewed for a second season.

What began as the reality show “The Real World turned into MTV biggest hit. They aired a total of 6 seasons for 3 years. Each season had about 14 shows. The cast went to Miami beach for the second season and