Biograph: Mind and Best Friend Essay

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“Keep your head up high, and stay positive” is what I live by day to day because of my best friend Nita. She taught me so much in life from the experiences she had, the things she does and the wise words she says to me every day. I would never thought I have a best friend like her in my life. I think its crazy, because usually when I have a best friend, others would say “Oh they won't be around for a long time because friends come and go, even best friends.” But, Nita, she has been my best friend for awhile now. We have our up and downs but we manage to work it out unlike others. I notice that people never like to talk about how they feel about others, but she tells me anything that is on her mind. You could say that Nita is blunt, because she says whats on her mind and she speaks from the heart. I never seen anyone do that because others like to keep grudges. If it wasn't for Nita, I probably wouldn't be the person I am today; being open minded, telling anyone how I feel or none of that. It's like the saying “closed mouths, don't get fed” so you should basically say something instead of being quiet. Nita is my best friend because she is the type of person who stays out of drama, do not mind anyone else business unless it involves with her and she is the nicest person you will ever meet. She respects everyone that is around her. To get respect, you have to give respect, that is just how it goes. If someone has a problem with her, she is the person who wants to go out of her way just to talk it out with you. Not a lot of people do that, they just let it be. The reason why I quoted