Biography Of Eddy Byrne

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Andres Pucci

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The Banker A big house, beautiful wife, great kids getting sports and academic scholarships to the greatest schools in America, huge bank account, lots of cars, and a heart that is no longer beating. Yes this all belongs Eddy Byrne who was a great banker on Wall Street but is to be 6 feet under after being shot. But before we talk about the end of his life, lets start from the beginning. Eddy Byrne from was born on June 6th, 1986 in a very small town in Montana called Bearcreek. His father was a miner and his mother died when he was only 7. His mother Sandra Byrne hung herself by the neck until she was dead because she was a depressed woman. Eddy never got over the fact he lost his mother and until his last moments he tried to make her proud. While she was alive she always spoke about how her life would be better if she married a rich banker in New York. She made it very clear she wanted Eddy to do that. She always worked with Eddy on math but he never seemed to get it. “You’re and idiot” she would tell him when he would get questions wrong, but what she didn’t know was Eddy was unable to learn math like other children. Eddy suffered from dyscalculia, the inability to grasp and remember mathematical concepts, rules, formulas, and sequences. No matter how hard Eddy tried to learn it he could never make her proud. Once she committed suicide that took a huge toll on Eddy and he too became depressed. He started looking to follow the steps of his father and become a miner. As he got older he became more troubled, started messing around with serious drugs such as crystal meth and heroin only at the age of 17. He had a criminal record with the law for small burglaries. His life was headed down the wrong path and didn’t look as if a turn around was coming soon, but oh the contraire. On a regular day like any else he got high and drove around with his friends and got drunk and just walked around in a desultory manner. They went to the town cemetery and were doing some exploring. When they got to what seemed to be an abandoned part of the cemetery they all accidentally disbanded. Eddy being freaked out started sobering up and running just as fast as he could. Upon doing so he then fell and tripped into a pit that was only half way dug out. When he stood up he saw the name ‘Tom Runner’ on a tomb stone, but Tom Runner was still alive, he is the high school track star at Eddy’s old school that is getting division 1 offers for track. He then gets out of the pit and realizes he is surrounded by many pits varying in size. Some were just started and others were nearly finished. Above them there were tombstones with names. Some of the people he knew and were still currently alive. At this point Eddy being confused and scared he is completely sobered up. Eddy looking at each of the names then begins to realize in his small town everyone who was successful in some type of way had their name over a tombstone. He had no idea why they were there but he was able to put that much together. Eddy being scared left and thought it would be better to come check it out during the day. The next day he went right back to the same spot and this time a man was there filling up Tom Runner’s pit. He asked the man “ what are you doing” but the man gave no response. He then got closer and continued to ask and tried to get the man’s attention but the man paid him no mind. Finally eddy grabs the man’s face to see his eyes were completely blacked out. Once Eddy lets go the man continues working. Eddy had an eerie feeling and then a man dressed in an all red suit seem to have appeared from the mist and shouts “Why are you bothering my worker?!”. In a state of shock Eddy looks up at the man but words fail to come out of his mouth. The man then walks closer to Eddy and begins conversing. He gets friendly with Eddy and makes him to feel more comfortable. Eddy finally asks the question “ What are you doing here?”. The man