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Radio Personality Putting On Her Dancing
Shoes For A Good Cause
Radio Host, Trish Twilley Will be One of Nine Celebrities at Dancing With the Stars of Cobb
ATLANTA, GA, September 30, 2014 /PressReleasePing/ - If you've ever been to a minor league Braves baseball game in Atlanta, you've heard the beautiful voice of Trish Twilley singing The National Anthem or God Bless America. Now you can enjoy her dancing talents at the November 1 event to benefit Loving Arms Cancer Outreach.
Trish has a special gift for singing and entertaining. With that passion for music, she has become a local favorite at many Atlanta-area events in addition to her Braves performances.
She has also led praise & worship at church for many years.
Trish is a Southern woman with a big personality and big hairwho took her uncanny knowledge for classic country and pop music from the '80s along with her quick wit and voice to a local radio station.Thus began her journey behind the mic as part of a morning drive-time show, where she interviewed country music singers, talked about pop culture and had great interaction with the listening audience. These days, she can be found co-hosting The Ladies
Room Radio Show as part of
On November 1st at 7 pm at the Lassiter High School Concert Hall, with eight additional celebrity dancers, Trish will take the stage with Beau Foister of Dance Tech and Talent in
Kennesaw, GA.
Trish said, “I'm so happy that I can do something that is so much fun to raise money and awareness for Loving Arms Cancer Outreach. While medical insurance covers most treatments, people