Biography Of Winston Churchill

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Churchills parents were mysterious to him due to the fact that they were hardly in his life let alone with him in his political career. His parents were always too busy and it seemed that his parents didn’t have enough time for him or his brother Jack. Winston is sometimes quoted for the saying “lovely as a cactus” because he called his mother that often. His father Randolph Churchill wasn’t often in the picture of his life either because his father was a serious businessman(, he often had no time for Winston or his brother Jack. One of the few adults in his life that really had an impact on him was his nanny Elizabeth Everest(A Biography On Sir Winston Churchill pg9) she was the one who took the most care of him as a child. Even when he was an adult he still wrote to her(A Biography On Sir Winston Churchill pg 10) . Since his parents had no interest in his career they did not interest him into politics except maybe his father who had a brief political experience( . Even when Winston was an adult he never really contacted anyone in his family except for his brother Jack. Winston felt as if his parents only noticed his bad behavior which explained his early years of schooling. He was a troubled student but he always managed to stay on top of things even when he had no one at his back(A Biography On Sir Winston Churchill pg13) . Since Winston knew his parents had no interest in things he liked he decided to do things they liked when he reached the