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Biography of young independent seamstress

Assessment: Year 10 EALD English biography
Done by: Aiman Sabir
Due date: 8th August 2014

Bangladesh is an underdeveloping country. People are struggling for even small jobs. Unemployment is at its peak due to poverty and lack of resources. The masses strive for even necessities. In Bangladesh, there is a small village ‘Rangamati’ in Chittagong, poverty can be seen from surrounding of the village. In that place, brave and dedicated young woman lived who wanted to live her dreams and reach for the sky because tomorrow may never come and the chances were very less in that village. She was young seamstress who created the red jumper. Her name is Taslima Kashif. While interviewing Taslima, I came across some interesting points which can be described further in detail. Few biographical elements will be describe to tell the life story of young Taslima; personal background/ family and relationship, Achievements/ success, hobbies, general, historical views and future goals.

Taslima Kashif was born in a small village ‘Rangamati’, near Chittagong on 11th August 1996. She was born as a fifth child of a relatively big family of 10 members. She has a dark skin colour complexion, has tan skin and long hairs which flows beautifully like a waterfall. Taslima has eight siblings and they all live in a small hut made of mud and straws which was very intolerable. There were no schools in the village thus, a teacher used to come and teach them. As a child, Taslima used to engage herself into studies, helping mum and sewing. She and her sisters were the only girls in the family who were not illiterate. She says that, “I believe in myself, I am a strong woman! I will reach my goals, nothing and nobody can stop me. This is my time to shine” Taslima was very independent young girl who always wanted to be like Meena the cartoon character who raises her voices for different issues. This is element described here is personal background.

Young Taslima had 7 siblings; 3 older brothers and sister and 3 younger sisters. They all were very industrious. Her older sister was married while her 2 older brothers worked in the fields. Her father Kashif went to Dhaka to work as a labourer which was very stressful as to support the family, he had to work for 12 hours every day. Her mother was a house wife who worked day and night but getting nothing in return except leftovers. She and her family were as strong as an ox and worked really hard in order to make their life more convenient. Taslima was not married as she was a really busy woman, but she would like to have a family of her own in future. She loves children and would think having her own in her life ahead. This biographic element was family and relationship.
Some achievement seems to be not worthwhile apparently but in fact they are which can only be achieved through sheer determination and perfect resilience, something one strive for pride not for in monitory terms. Taslima also attained some achievement in her own field. For instance, in her company there came up an issue regarding the shortage of fleece, Taslima ran like lightning looking through all the floors to find the piece of left over fleece to have an outcome of problem by completing the order on time otherwise all of their wages would be cut off. She is a shining star that wants to shine by doing her best in everything. Her other success is getting education. She was not like other girls in the village. She is really smart and studious. There is a quote that says, “Success lies not in the result but in the effort. Being the best is not at all important; doing best is all that matters”. Taslima wanted to do something prideful and honourable in