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English 9
March 7, 2012
Meet AJ Meet AJ he is a student at Castle Rock High School he is 6ft tall and weighs in at a tiny 215lbs. AJ is a very athletic person he likes to play Football and Wrestling. AJ usually roams the halls of Castle Rock High School wearing shorts and tall socks with the super fly kicks! AJ loves sports, they are a very big part of his life, which brings me to his worst injury that he has ever had is when he was practicing during wrestling season and he fell and broke his ankle and tore the ligaments, the doctor said that the ankle injury will never totally heal so AJ is required to wear an ankle brace for the rest of his life. Even with the brace he still might not be able to play football next year. AJ is bummed that he might not be able to play football but is still hoping that he will be able to. AJ is also a big UFC fan, his favorite UFC fighter is Cain Velasquez, and AJ says that he likes him because they are both “Brown.” AJ has had a very memorable life but he says that his most memorable moment is when he went to las Vegas to visit his family. Even though AJ is Mexican the farthest that he has ever been away from home is Mexico, isn’t that ironic! AJ likes to have fun, he says that the funniest thing that has ever happened to him is when he had an end of summer party and me and the others discovered that there was a baday so we all lined up outside the bathroom to use it even though we didn’t have to go to the bathroom, we all still used it some of us even used it twice! AJ says that he isn’t a very rebellious moment seeming that his most rebellious moment is the day that his mom told him to clean his room and he didn’t do it. AJ says that his greatest accomplishment is the day that he made varsity wrestling , but also like I said earlier until he broke his ankle in practice. AJ says that his biggest fan is his mom, dad, and his sister. He says that the person that he is the biggest fan of is me because I am his