Biography of Dr. Erin Watson Essay

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Sarita Tamang
Professor A. P. Hoover
English 101, Section 92/ red
14th October 2009. Dr. Erin Watson is a woman who wants to be best in whatever she does. She is a determined person, always working to achieve what she wants. She’s a person who moved to Louisiana from Seattle just for her graduate studies. There is nothing that can stop her. “I never wanted to be a lab technician in the crime lab, I wanted to be the expert” she says, but has worked with many state and federal agencies like the FBI. She sternly says, “Forensic science is a science, not the drama on Television. . . many students have the misconception that a forensic scientist does only the things shown on the TV . . .but it is rather different and complex.”
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Most research findings at this stage will enhance the discipline. She has conducted many researches, but thinks that Louisiana’s wild weather may be a hindrance in some researches. Currently, she is interested in many things. One of her interests is to establish development rates of carnivorous beetles of three common families that are associated with a crime scene. Secondly, she is also interested in studying the interactions of the invasive species- the hairy maggot blow fly. Finally, she also wants to study our native flies and beetle species which are being displaced by the aggressive blow fly. She plans to become a tenured-faculty member and climb the ladder at Southeastern. She further Adds, “I like being able to conduct research that I determine and teach some . . . I’d also like to stay in contact with the law enforcement agencies that I initially began my work with.” She has always believed that being associated with a university is more credible than being a technician at a lab. She thinks that there is a great potential in using insects for determining PMI. Dr. Watson has always been a determined person and her own boss. “But, not having a boss can be bad sometimes because you may find yourself procrastinating or getting behind on all of your responsibilities if you don't push yourself!” she says. She has always been an independent person speaking for herself which made it