Biological Criminal Behavior

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Biological Criminal Behavior
Christopher Rosebough
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July 2, 1964 in Houston, Texas Andrea Kennedy Yates was born. Milby High School is where she graduated in 1982. She was in many great things while she was in school such as being the officer in the National Honor Society, the class valedictorian and captain on the swim team. After she graduated from high school, she completed pre- nursing program, a two- year at University of Houston. But in 1986 University of Texas School in nursing is where she graduated. She began working at Texas M.D as a registered nurse.
Andrea moved to a complex apartment in Houston, and that’s where she met Rusty Yates when she turned 25 years old. She started dating at the age of 23, but the last relationship she was very heartbroken. As Andrea began to date Rusty, they eventually moved in together and their time was mostly spent on religious study and prayer.
Rusty and Andrea had got married April 17, 1993 and they wanted everyone to know that they were planning on having many children. They have been together for 8 years and within them 8 years they had 5 children; one girl and four boys. When she became pregnant with her second child, she began to slow down on her activity such as swimming, and jogging. The children she had were Noah Yates February 26, 1994, John Yates December 12, 1995, Paul Yates September 13, 1997, Luke Yates February 15, 1999 and Mary Yates November 30, 2000. Many of her friends thought she was reclusive of making a decision on home schooling her children.
In 1996 Rusty began working in Florida which the family had to move. They move into a 38- foot travel trailer in Seminole, FL. Andrea had gotten pregnant while they were living in Florida, but she ended up having a miscarriage. Rusty decided he wanted to move back to Houston because he wanted to live a light delight lifestyle. After a year had past, Rusty bought a 350 square foot renovated bus which became their permanent home. When her fourth child was born, Andrea insanity began to arise, because their household began to be cramped.
Rusty had purchased the bus from their minister Michael Woronieck who was a traveling minister. Certain ideas Michael had for Rust, he actually followed by, but Andrea was embrace by the sermons. Michael always preaches about the role of women depriving the sin of Eve and bad mothers who have bad children will both go to hell.
Andrea had her first suicide attempt on June 16, 1999. She called Rusty and asked him to come home. As he gets home, he finds her shaking and chewing on her fingers. The very next day she was hospitalized when they found out she tried to commit suicide by overdosing on pills. They decide to transfer her to Methodist Hospital psychiatric and diagnosed her with a depressive disorder. She would always discuss her problems to the medical staff. On June 24, she was prescribed an antidepressant and was released.
After Andrea was released she was supposed to take her medication. When she got home she began to self-mutilate due to she did not take her medication. She refused to feed her children, because in her mind she thought her children were overeating. She began having hallucination, thinking she was seeing video games in the ceiling and said the people in the video games were talking to her and the children. Rusty never reported the hallucination she was having. Andrea begged her husband to let her die, and she put a knife to her neck on July 20.
She was put back in the hospital and had to stay in a catatonic state for 10 days. She was treated with many different drugs which included Haldol. Haldol is an ant- psychotic drug. When Haldol entered her system she began to improve. Rusty was shock on the drug that was given to her because she began to be the person she was when they first met. Her doctor was Dr. Starbranch and he notified her about if they decide to have more children, she might end up