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Carlos Delva
Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Reading Response #1
In these chapters I learned about evaluating sources, both document and web. The reason we evaluate sources is to make sure the sources are reliable, credible, and not bias. Reason being is because not all of the sources we chose will be available for academic research when you want to evaluate your relevance sources, which are sources that pertain to you. As stated before make sure your sources are credible. Ask questions, and use questions to guide you research. Questions are important when you have your research claim. You use questions to answer your claim. Skim throughout your sources to make sure that you can use it and that it will help your research. When it comes to online sources it can get a little tricky because the internet is a large space with abundance amount of information that is not always true. Not every source is reliable, a lot ca be biased, not true, or edited by anyone. You have to take the time to critic the online sources. You have to know who wrote the post, and who made the site. When was the sire made, and what kind of site is it. To go into more details .com sites aren’t always safe because they are commercial sites and those can be bias. Also there’s .org which means it’s an organization website and lastly .edu is a university site. When you’re looking at who wrote the online source know who wrote it and was it peer reviewed, are they a credible person, are they known? Also what is the purpose for the online document? It is your job to make sure that it is not bias and truthful. When evaluating the online site make sure that you notice if you can always check its credibility to make sure you know who writes it. See if the site has sources and citations/ references to back up their information. Beware of the copyrights, website, and when it was published. Even evaluate library sources. Research your questions and don’t coke them dry. Expand your question and use the question to expand more questions. There is no use if you blow out the fire to earlier. Find out what you want to find out. But make sure you shape and fit your questions; they have to pertain to your claim. For example is it clear, is there good evidence, and is it arguable? Make sure that you know how to use your library sources and databases correctly. Ask the