Biology 12 Independent Study Unit Essay

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ISU- Phase 1: Outline of Study The topic I chose is the Effects of Smoking and Second Hand Smoke on the Lungs. I believe this topic is important to study because we encounter smoking on a daily basis. If one is not smoking themselves, then they are exposed to second hand smoke in their environment. Smoking in today’s society is the norm and cigarettes are easily attainable. This prevents people from being cautious of the damage caused by smoking cigarettes since they believe the misconception that illegal drugs are worse than cigarettes for your health. Many believe that there are few consequences of second hand smoke; however the continuous exposure to these chemicals shows long term effects on the human body. It is important to be aware of one’s surrounding and the possible repercussions of second hand smoke. I feel this is an important topic because due to the drastic increase in cancer in our world today (either hereditary or caused by the environment), we must be made aware of ways to avoid preventable cancers such as lung cancer. I aim to learn more about how my grandfather’s excessive smoking in his 40’s for 15 years contributed to his lung cancer and as a result, his death. I have been informed that the lack of technology and qualification of the doctors in Pakistan may caused the cancer to be overlooked in its early stages which may have prevented his death. I also aim to learn more about protecting myself from second hand smoke, specifically since my tenants smoke in the house and I am exposed to the chemicals from the cigarettes that travel through the heating system. The limits within which I will investigate this topic is the early diagnosis of lung cancer using modern technology, the treatments that follow the diagnosis, and the preventative measures that can be taken to reduce the chance of getting this type of cancer altogether.
The biological impacts on the body as a result of smoking and second hand smoke and find stats talking about how the chance of disease increases
Phase 2: Review of Literature and Bibliography Author: The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
Year: December 2010
Title: Smoking and Lung Cancer in Canada