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1. Air pollution threatens urban areas as well as wilderness areas. Further, it can be deadly even if we can’t see it. It causes lung disease and cancer. It poisons rivers and lakes, damages trees, and kills wildlife.

In your own words, relate the topic of air pollution to the notion of diffusion as discussed in class and in your textbook.

You are the head of a manufacturing firm. What types of market-based strategies would you use to promote new technologies that result in less pollution? In what ways would the technologies you promote be similar to and/or differ from those that the government would promote? Be sure to use your response to the question in the first bullet above to support whatever claims you make.

The sources that I have chosen will best provide information regarding Air Pollution in Urban areas as well as in the wilderness. I will research the long term effects on both humans and animals also I will research what ways does air pollution simulate diffusion from a biological point of view. I will look into government strategies on air pollution reduction. I will also create a manufacturing company product that will be designed to clean up the air pollution using similar but different technology, marketing, and production techniques as the government.

Assignment 1- References

The Effects of Air Pollution and Acid Rain on Fish, Wildlife and their Habitats (Book).Full Text Available By: Skeffington, R. A.. Journal of Applied Ecology, Dec83, Vol. 20 Issue 3, p1000-1001, 2p
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This article discusses the types of pollutants…it defines pollution and how it affects food, air, animals and humans. It discusses how pollution travels ex: wind, water. Ecology and environmental planning.
Air Pollution Control Technology for Industrial Applications.Full Text Available (cover story) By: London, Alex. Pollution Engineering, Jan2006, Vol. 38 Issue 1, p14-15, 2p
Subjects: AIR -- Purification -- Equipment & supplies; AIR -- Pollution; AIR quality; POLLUTION control equipment; INDUSTRIAL equipment; POLLUTION control equipment industry; TECHNOLOGICAL innovations; INDUSTRIES -- Environmental aspects; UNITED States; Industrial Supplies Merchant Wholesalers.
This article reports on the development of air pollution control (APC) technology for industrial applications in the United States.
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Pollution Abatement Spending and Corporate