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During the past summer, I went to California to visit my aunts. The trip was actually for a small family reunion because most of my family members are residing in California. Surprisingly one of my aunts needed a car at the time and I had the opportunity to go to a car dealership with her when she was shopping for a new car. The first dealership that we went to was a Toyota dealership. The cars on the lots were not very attractive and they did not fit what my aunt was looking for. So we left the Toyota dealership and tried to shop at another dealership that is completely the opposite of the Toyota’s. It was a BMW dealership. When I first stepped into the showroom of the BMW dealership, I felt as if I was walking into a million dollar worth of home. The decoration of the showroom along with BMW sport cars and sedans was very appealing to me. Specifically, I was very attracted by BMW Z4 sDrive35i- a two-seat sport car with 300 horsepower. When I first saw the car, my heart was pumping very fast and I wanted to run as fast as I possibly can to the car’s driver seat and drive the car. However, I knew I couldn’t afford for a $50,000 price tag and I stopped myself from that desire. Unfortunately, my aunt did not have the same taste. She actually felt in love with a BMW 535i. With all the respect to BMW designers, most of the cars on the lots are very attractive but I just love the Z4 the most. My aunt eventually bought the BMW 535i and I also had the opportunity to