Biology Chapt 12 9th Essay

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Griffith-Griffith found that when living R cells (which should have been harmless) and dead S cells (which also should have been harmless) were injected together, the mouse became ill and living S cells could be recovered from its body. Furthermore, the type of the cells recovered from the mouse's body was determined by the type of the dead S cells.
The transforming factor had to be a gene
Avery-Avery is attributed with the discovery that the material in which the genetic information is encoded is DNA and not protein or carbohydrate.
Hershey and Chase-
Identified the double helix structure Discovered the difference between DNA and RNA Identified DNA as the transforming factor
Identified proteins as the transforming factor
Rosalind Franklin-She's the one that spotted DNA first, but Watson and Crick expanded her idea and got through where we know today about DNA. Reason why she isn't really that important back then is because females are minorities back then and aren't important.
Watson and Crick-discovered the double-helix structure of dna
Chargaff- base pairing rules guy [a]=[t] & [g]=[c]
Transformation-one type of bacteria has been changed permanently into another
Structure of DNA-

Base pairing rules – already explained by Chargaff
DNA replication-biological process that occurs in all living organisms and copies their DNA
DNA polymerase-enzyme that joins individual nucleotides to produce a new strand of DNA
RNA Structure-

rRNA-makes up the…