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2nd Draft
Task P8
When working in the Science Museum, a new exhibition is the talk about the recent Mission to Mars and I will be outlining the methods in which I will be using to communicate the scientific information that is needed for the visitors that are attending. Communication is defined when information is exchanged between two people. In terms of the exhibition when pitching the talk towards the audience you have to consider the various ways in which a person communicates. One may be deaf, or mute so there are ways such as sign language and subtitles to help achieve universal understanding and help to appreciate all walks of life. Ways of communicating verbally would be through speech, video-streaming, Skype and telephone. I would hold a PowerPoint Presentation in which a video will be used with subtitles for those who may be deaf and a sign language interpreter for those who are mute. This will be supported by various models of Mars and Space theme with leaflets, posters and a schedule to show what is happening at what time. This will make the audience feel excited and enticed by what Mars is about achieving the outcome of this exhibition which is to engage and educate them on what Mars is. I will also be holding some question to let them have a free discussion and also get them to see if they understood and paid attention about the trip to Mars and offer some form of reward to congratulate them for persevering and understanding.
To also keep a lively ambience I will be showing them different areas around the exhibition which will help them to see and apply their knowledge on the PowerPoint and their general knowledge as our target audience is off all ages. I have also appointed extra staff to help those who are in wheelchairs or those who have any form of disability whether it is mental or physical. In addition to this another type of communication is non- verbal. Examples are body language, such as gesture, facial expression and eye contact between one another. I have managed to keep the space theme by having some flyers and posters around and having different backdrops in each room, and the volunteers and staff will dress up in space…