Biology: Dna and Polygenic Trait Vestigial Essay

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Gel Electrophoresis: purpose and method
Genetic engineering basics
How was Dolly made?
Human Genome Project
Human karyotype
Recombinant DNA
Recombinant plasmids
Restriction enzymes
Adaptations, including basic definition
Darwin’s discoveries and scientists that helped him make his conclusions
Gene Pool and relative frequencies
Genetic drift and founder effect
Hardy Weinberg Principal
Homologous structures
Natural selection
Polygenic trait
Vestigial structures
Bacteria types and structure
Obligate aerobes vs facultative anaerobes
Virus structure and infection cycles
Endocrine System and exocrine
Feedback inhibition
Hormones: steroid vs nonsteroid
How do antibiotics work?
How do vaccines work?
Immune system: including inflammataroy response, cell-mediated immunity, humoral immunity
Nervous System and action potential
Autoimmune disorder
LipaseOption 1 In 2010, a major discovery in genetics research found that the DNA of some modern humans contains small amounts of Neanderthal DNA. Briefly explain this finding and discuss its relevance to human ancestry and evolution.
Option 2 A number of companies offer genetic testing directly to consumers, bypassing the involvement of physicians and genetic counselors. Discuss whether you think this is a good idea or not. You might focus on medical, ethical, legal, or social dimensions of this issue.
There is a fine line between being a patriot and being a traitor, because arguably, what is loyal to one country is considered treacherous to another. Here arises the common debate, about whether our founding fathers were patriots or traitors. Their actions and decisions led to this conclusion, as well as the fact that they betrayed their home country and led revolts to escape this lead. The founding fathers also led violent wars and revolts, which further contributed to their name as traitors.
A traitor is defined as someone who is betrays their home country. The founding fathers were all part of Britain, and George Washington himself was British, so he being the first president of the United States really enforces the fact that these founding fathers were arguably also disloyal. Additionally, the British took care of the American colonies, and ensured that they had food and resources, regardless of the price. Seemingly, the founding fathers “bit the hand that fed them” and revolted against their home country. A basic reason that the founding fathers are considered traitors is also that they broke away from their home country. While being a patriot means serving one’s own country and ensuring that it is at its best, creating a whole new nation definitely points towards being a traitor.
The founding fathers led the colonies in many revolts, starting with the Boston Tea