Essay on Biology EOC Review Packet

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Scientific Method
1. Define the following:
a. Independent Variable: the variable that I change in the experiment

b. Dependent Variable: the variable that I am measuring (it depends on the independent variable)

c. Control Variable: variable that stay the same

d. Controlled experiment: an experiment in which only one variable is changed at a time

e. Hypothesis: an educated guess (If…, then…)

2. You have measured the rate at which a fish breaths at various temperatures by counting the rate at which its gills open. The data table is shown below. Create a line graph depicting the results.

Breathing Rate (breaths/minute)
Temperature (°C)
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Label as many parts of the cells as you can.

17. Which is a plant cell – left or right? Left

18. List the hierarchy of cell organization from largest to smallest below:
Organelle → Cell → Tissue → Organ → Organ System

19. Compare and contrast eukaryotic cells and prokaryotic cells.
Eukaryotic: have a nucleus, more complex, organelles

Prokaryotic: no nucleus, simple, no membrane-bound organelles

20. Compare and contrast plant cells and animal cells.
Plant: Cell wall, one large vacuole, chloroplast

Animal: Many small vacuoles, lysosomes, centrioles

Both: Nucleus, ER, golgi apparatus, cell membrane, mitochondria,

21. Define semi-permeable membrane:
Membrane that allows some things to pass while others cannot

22. In osmosis, water moves from an area of HIGH to an area of LOW concentration.

23. In diffusion, molecules move from an area of HIGH to an area of LOW