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Bio - Exam 2 Corrections
Part A
14. I answered that during the light reaction, ATP is formed. I forgot that H20 is also split, so the correct answer was that both occur during the light reaction.
19.When I saw that “division process” was in bold, I assumed that this was referring to cytokinesis. After reviewing the question, it is evident to me that the entire explanation was pointing to mitosis. So mitosis is the form of reproduction that this question represents.
20. I was able to quickly eliminate a few of the choices in this question. My options came down between sperm and blood cells. Sperm cells are not somatic cells that are regularly being replaced by rapid mitosis, so the correct answer was blood cells.
22. For this question, I knew the correct answer could not be any of the last three choices. I did not know the correct answer, so I had to guess between “the nuclear envelope reorganizes and the spindle breaks up” and “centromeres split in two.” After reviewing the diagrams in my textbook, I now understand that during telophase of mitosis the nuclear envelope reorganizes and the spindle breaks up.
24. I actually knew the correct response to this question. When a mother cell gives rise to four sperm cells, it is essentially impossible for all four to be genetically identical. For some reason I second guessed myself while taking the exam and selected an incorrect answer.
29. I looked back at my notes from class when we discussed this topic. On my notes I have G0 written in and I understand that this should have been the correct answer. I was thinking that cells that stay in this stage would remain in the G1 stage, so that’s why I put that as my answer. Clearly this was incorrect, because cells that simply grow old and die stay in the G0 stage.
34. I found this question to be somewhat confusing. After reviewing it I can see where my mistake was. Sex cells do not divide mitotically and this is where my error occurred when answering the question. So the correct response was the first one, and I now have a better understanding of the sequence of events that transpires.
38. For this question, I was partially correct. I knew that John’s father could not have type B blood, because he had type A. However, my response was incorrect because John’s father obviously could not have had type O blood either. So the correct answer was that his father could not have had type B or O blood.
Part B
38. The correct answer for this fill-in-the-blank question is centrosome. I had to guess on the test because I did not know the correct answer. After looking at diagrams in my textbook I can see that the centrosome is the structural feature where a spindle fiber is able to attach in order to control the chromosome’s position.
42. B. It is during Prophase I that the homologues