Biology fish assignment Essay

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2. Did anyone in your group take too many fish? How did that make you feel? Did everyone try to take as many as possible? Why or why not? Does society reward those with the ‘’most’’?
Yes one girl had more fish than us. It made us all jealous and eager to fish more the next round. Yes everyone tried to take as many as possible, so we could sell/eat more. Society rewards those because they buy their fish and so the fisherman makes more money.

3. Did anyone sacrifice their # of fish, for the good of community? Why or why not? Does society ever reward that type of person?
No nobody sacrificed their # of fish for the good of community, because everyone wanted as many as possible. No society does not reward that type of person because their fish is probably to expensive to buy.

4. During round 2, did your group discuss your actions and strategies before each harvest? If so, briefly relate the discussion. Did each member carry out the plan that was discussed?
Yes, I told my group that we could only take 1 fish so we could all eat and still let the population grow. And after the first year we could fish more. Yes, every member carried out the plan.

5. In game two… how did your strategy change, if at all? Does it make a difference to know what the rewards are?
For the first year we all took 1 fish and for the other years we decided to take 2. Yes, because if you know you’ll be able to fish longer and eventually take more fish you’ll decide to take less fish every year.

6. Is it possible to maximize the number of fish caught/person AND the number of fish remaining in the pond at the same time? Why or why not?
No because eventually you’ll end up with no fish, so you have to discuss with everyone how many fish you can take.

7. Your fish harvest was worth money. Why