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Verbal communication is obviously a large part of my life. Actually when I think about it talking gets me in trouble almost as much as it gets me out of it. I tend to over explain things in situations where I should just let it be, and be quiet when I need to talk. But Verbal communication is a much needed part of life, without it people would be significantly different, and quite underdeveloped. The first point that should be brought up is how learning would be altered incredibly. Sure teachers could write things on the board or something and make kids take notes and teach themselves. But that would be slower than talking, plus they wouldn’t be able to explain things and the kids that need things explained would have no idea what they were doing. This would prevent so much that has already happened and much more from happening because the new generations would all be dumber, on average at least. Also laws would be completely void. Police couldn’t yell stop or whatever they yell and eventually no one would care at all. Even if they did they couldn’t voice their opinion. I guess everyone would be a lot more literate, having to read the news and al the current events. Ha imagine the presidential debates without any verbal communication that’d be. Different. I would probably be considered stupid because of my handwriting. People would be judged by their handwriting a lot more I think, that would be bad. Music would be gone to wouldn’t it, that’s a big part of a lot of people’s lives, and would be a large negative for me. I tend to listen to music all the time if you haven’t noticed that, I like it more than people, a lot more. That’s another thing, im more quiet during a large group discussion, but if im talking to a small group of people I am usually adamantly involved in the conversation, probably a lack of confidence or something. Anyway, without being able to talk I wouldn’t be able to convince my parents and friends to give me all these things I ask of them, so I would actually have to do physical labor or something. Which would never happen. Also, I wouldn’t be able to argue with people and speak my opinion. This is mostly a negative, because arguing is an entertaining thing in my opinion, although arguing with uneducated people gets annoying pretty quickly. Not being able to argue would also help my relationships with certain people, because I say the first thing that comes to mind and end up being right anyway, makes people mad…