Biology: Human Genome Project Essay

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Human Genome project

There were many goals that the project needed to have done. One of the most important goals for doing this project was that if you understand life a little bit better you understand diseases just a little bit better. So if you were able to understand the Human Genome and was able to get all of the data for the genome, you could possibly get more treatments for many diseases that weren’t available. There was only one aspect of the project that kind of confused me. We could change life. We could possibly make everyone perfect. There wouldn’t really be a reason for war. Everyone would have the same traits. Everyone would sooner or later have the best of every gene. No one could possibly beat you at anything; it would always be a tie. The Human Genome Project could sooner or later make people heal faster, find cures for cancer, and especially find a way to get blindness back. So I am still confused on whether to be supportive of the Human Genome Project or to be against it. The project could potentially decrease life span, because of all of the enhancements we would do to people. If you increased white blood cells to make people heal faster all of the cells would replicate fast. The Replication process could potentially skip a step and become uncontrolled, therefore getting cancer. The long term success of the Genome Project is still unknown because the project was completely finished, but the scientists are still going to be researching the