Biology: Illegal Drug Trade and Pablo Escobar Essay

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Pablo Escobar was, in my opinion, a true Villain. Yes, he did hold office in Colombian politics for a little while, but his diplomatic immunity doesn't excuse his incomprehensible destruction and violence he showed to those who opposed him. Many people, the normal people living In Colombia, viewed Pablo not only as a great person but also like a messiah sent from God. They overlooked his numerous shady acts because of what they received from him. Pablo was a notorious drug lord in Colombia. Pablo started off living in obscurity, but at the prime of his career he was one of the richest men in the world. At one time, Pablo would smuggle fifteen tons of cocaine into then U.S. a day. He would bring in more than 60 millions dollars a day in drug money. To the government and police he was depicted as a true criminal, a villain, but to many commoners he was a hero. Pablo gave money, houses, and he also built soccer fields for people who were far less fortunate, but this most likely wasn't out of the kindness of his heart, but instead to get the people on his side so the authorities would have a harder time getting rid of him. Pablo, besides smuggling tons of illegal drugs into the US, he also had many of his enemies brutally murdered, including police members. He was also hired many assassins to kill people that were seen as possible threats. Pablo was a very evil person and should never be considered a good person. To some people Escobar was