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In sport, your arousal levels differ dependent on the outcome you are willing to achieve for example if you play sport on a regular basis or play at an elite level, your are likely to work harder. In any case, if your arousal levels are high, you hare highly likely to become more motivated to win which will increase your self-esteem (This is a MENTAL benefit). Arousal can be defined as being in a state of physiological readiness (cox 1998). Now the autonomic nervous system, The ANS is separated into two categories: Sympathetic and parasympathetic. It releases adrenaline which drives us – it causes pupil dilation, increased heart rate and increased respiration.
The parasympathetic slows down you’re heart rate and reduced the rate of respiration. It responds very quickly slow to the stimulus in comparison to the sympathetic nervous system. For example, this means an individual who is frightened may take hours to return to normal. It is said that the psychic energy of certain parts of the nervous system cause behavioural changed. However, anxiety and stress is an unbalance between losing or missing a tackle in rugby. Fact:
The more arousal and anxiety an individual experiences, the higher their performance will be. Now 5 factors contribute to anxiety. They are: Ambiguity, disruption, negative social evaluation, personal harm and affecting your personal ego. In can be displayed in two forms, Cognitive anxiety which is caused by our fears (being viewed as negative by others) and failure. The other form is a Somatic state which increases muscular tension and other symptoms. For example if you are nervous in an exam or you are on a date, you hand may become clammy and muscles begin to tighten. In most cases, this is why guys sweat a lot.
Now the…