Biology: Music Genre Essay

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Kris Torres
Professor Mooney
English 50 MWam
8 March 2013
Frat Rap: The New Genre of Music Music is America’s past time. It has developed so much over the years, and it continues to get bigger each and everyday. Music is not just beats or a catchy verse; it’s a lifestyle. Throughout the numerous genres of music in our society there is one that has been hidden in the dark: Frat Rap, which is hip-hop that draws to the college/high school community. It has just recently been established as a genre of music about six years ago, so no one truly believes in its history and goals.
Aspiring kids who attended college and wanted to make music brought Frat Rap into the public (The Real Ace Blog). They were just regular kids attending a four-year university and wanted to pass the time. All they had was a Macintosh Computer and a microphone. They put their songs on YouTube and were astonished on how much feedback they got and the fans they obtained just from a simple song they made on their free time. Frat Rap grew even bigger when Frat Rappers not only produced songs for anyone to see, but when they began making mix tapes (a cassette of about 12 songs) as stated by the frat rap blog “The Real Ace Blog”. This really set off the music genre because it gave people a chance to see what they are all about and what their music entails. It gave the people a chance to see what they are going through but also what inspired them to make music. Each song tells a story.
For a lot of Frat Rappers this is what they always wanted to do, play music for the fans. They put everything on the line for a dream. It is much more than a “ get out of jail free” card. For example, an artist named Hoodie Allen was a junior at the University of Pennsylvania when he began making music. It was a dream of his, but his parents didn’t think it was a “real job”. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelors in Finance and Marketing and landed a job at Google. He took all of his money he had saved up from scholarships and savings, quit Google, and produced a music video. If the video were a failure, then that would have been the end of his rapping career because he would have no more money to continue. However, the video skyrocketed and reached over a million views on YouTube, which was called “The Chase Is On”. The video paid for itself with all the views and high demand for more music. He took a high risk, which resulted in a high reward. To him, it was not about being finically stable with a nine to five job; it was about doing what he loved and being happy (New Times Blog).
The goal, or so-called mission, of the Frat Rap genre is not to just to make money and get girls. It has a far deeper meaning: make the money;