Essay on Biology: Plant Growth

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The effect of Different Color Light on Bean seed Plant Growth Light is essential for every plant. Chlorophyll allows plants to convert energy from light into sugars. (Mathews 2001 ; Sanchez 1975). Light provides the energy plants need to make the food required for them to grow and flower. Plants are the only organisms able to use light to produce sugars, starches and other substances needed by them as well as by other living organisms. (Mathews 2001, Flowerdew 2006). The study of the effect of different color light on bean seed plant growth can give valuable insight into how plants grow, and how to grow plants in places with limited light. Lack of light is a common factor in limiting the growth of plant, so if you live in Alaska where natural light is not always an option or if you have a house plant it can be very helpful to know which color lights will promote plant growth. By looking at different color lights it can be determined which light would be most effective in promoting plant growth. The natural sunlight most plants use to grow can be broken up using a prism to show many different colors. Red and blue light have the greatest effect on plant growth within the spectrum, while green light has the least effect on plant growth. Many authors hypothesized that when a plant is under constant light it will grow taller and faster due to an increase in the amount of photosynthesis time. There are many different factors that contribute to plant growth, but by looking at light we can