Biology: Prescription Drug and Medical Trailer Station Essay

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Welcome to the MEDICAL TRAILER Station:
The goals here are four-fold: 1. Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. 2. Summarize the screening results-use My health report* if available 3. Answer medical questions as needed 4. Provide medical care to a select group
We can accomplish all 3 goals only if we have at least 3 providers, if not, we start with goal 1 and address other issues as you feel led
Start the day by preparing your station
Use the checklist to verify that you have everything you need
Note any missing or broken items and alert the site engineer of items that need replacing or replenishing * We pray at 9:00 and admit guests into the Healthcare Village at 9:30 * We close the Village at 4:30
At that time, please redo your inventory and replace all items in the bins/trailer storage units * MY HEALTH REPORT * Click on icon from desktop password is each * Add new patient * Type first name then last, date of birth and gender * Input screening results * You can have non-tested information printed by clicking the small circle to the left of that test * For smoking, use any number of packs per day for a smoker, and 0 packs per day for a non smoker * Generate Report, wait for it to print * Discuss the meaning of the results with the guest, based on the opening line of each result page

We have a dispensing license under Dr. Best from West Grand that also applies to mobile care. The Site Conductor has a copy.
There are 3 ways to dispense meds:

1. In house from bottles marked in house. This is for a patient that needs 1 pill or 1 shot of Insulin on site. We should order in progress note and either have nurse or provider dispense. 2. 1 month or 1 course supplies. This is for a patient that needs to start or restart a regimen for an acute or chronic disease such as-a bacterial infection, hypertension or diabetes. We do not have meds for pain, GERD, or allergies, etc. Use the prepackaged meds, write the info on the