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Production of CO2
Jasmine Nunez
Mr. Howard
Marisol and I did 3different trials. The 1st trial we put 10 drops of bromothyml blue indicator without exercising. It took 15 seconds to change to a clear color. The 2nd trial we put 15 drops of bromothyml blue indicator and Marisol did 20 jumping jacks. The liquid took 10 seconds to change to a lime green color. The 3rd trial was the same as the 2nd just that Marisol did 10 jumping jacks and the liquid took 13 seconds to change to a dark green color.
Question: How does exercise affect the production rate of CO2 ?
Hypothesis: If we exercise for 10 minutes, then the production of CO2 will be faster.
Materials and Methods distilled water bromothyml blue indicator test tube rack large test tube tape 1 straw
2 beakers medicine dropper safety goggles graduated cylinder apron Steps:
1.We got all materials we needed.
2.Put goggles and apron.
3.Put several drops of bromothyml blue indicator.
4.Put 5 milimeters of distilled water into test tube.
5.Got a straw and put it into the test tube and tape the entire lid.
6. Marisol did 20 jumping jacks.
7.Blew carbon dioxide to see how long the liquid woud change color.
8.We saw the results.
Our hypothesis matched with our results. The more exercise we did, the faster the color of the liquid changed. Depending on how many drops we put int the test tube and how many carbon dioxide we would blow into the test tube the color would change.